Settlement after a car accident from the angle of a passenger 

If you get involved in a car accident as a passenger, you may be entitled to filing a claim against one of the drivers or even both of them, depending on whose fault it was that the accident occurred. Depending on the severity of the accident and the liability of the drivers, you may receive the compensation in several ways.

It can be done by winning a lawsuit over the driver responsible for the accident, or by receiving the compensation from the driver’s insurance company, which is usually obliged to cover for the losses and treatment expenses of all the injured passengers.

iStock_000054447972_Small-300x199If the drivers try to settle the claim, there can be several possible scenarios and outcomes. If two drivers were involved in the accident, it may happen that none of them wants to settle because they consider the other one to be responsible.

On the other hand, they may choose to settle informally, outside the court, or by using the services of arbitration or mediation. However, most car insurance policies include maximum claim for all the injured parties in the accident, so no matter what the outcome of the settlement is, you are entitled to receiving compensation, just like all the other injured parties in the accident, if there are any.

InsuranceHowever, in some cases the insurance companies may even try to mitigate the potential liability they have by trying to prove that it was the victim’s negligence that caused the accident. In such cases, even the passenger can be blamed and the insurance company may try to prove that the driver was, for instance, talking to the passenger and thus caused the accident. In such cases, the passenger is still entitled for compensation, but the percentage of his fault for the accident is estimated, and the compensation is reduced for that percentage. Visit site to know more if you are ready to decide.

Author: Thomas Mullins

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